POS Integration

Integrate with your POS System.

  • Use Eatsapp Store to download your online orders or integrate with your favourite point of sale system and get your dockets printing in your kitchen.

Free Push Message Notifications

Each time an online order is processed on your website, your App or sent from our food directory portal, you will get a push message sent to your phone. This works great in case Internet drops out in-store.

If you're using Sassco point of sale software, all items will be directly integrated into your POS System and your end of till report will reflect in-store and online sales.

Free Push Message Notifications

Print directly to your kitchen

Our small integration software that works on any Windows computer runs in the background - while you're using your point of sale – without interruption. Your receipt printer will automatically print online orders as soon as they're processed.

Your kitchen items will be printed directly into your kitchen docket printer. As soon as your food is prepared in the kitchen, you will simply match the front receipt with your kitchen docket and complete the online order.

Print directly to your kitchen

Top questions about Eatsapp Driver

What is the cost for POS Integration?

We do not charge any fees for integrating Eatsapp online ordering with your point of sale system.

Does it work on any device?

Yes. You can download Eatsapp Store on iPhone and/or Android mobile phones and tablets.

Can I download Eatsapp Store on my mobile?

Yes. You can download Eatsapp Store on as many devices as you want including your staff phones (in case Internet drops out). It is a free application, however, we recommend only "Accepting" orders from one device.