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Branded iPhone & Android Application.

  • How would you like a branded application that your customers can download onto their phones and receive push messages?

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Apps for iPhone & Android

Tailor a toolset to put your business on the home screen of your customers. Eatsapp provides your restaurant with the added benefit of personalising your own app designed to your specifications.

Allow your customers to easily place orders without the hassle of browsing through the web. iOS and Android apps are customised for your business to allow your customers to download directly from the app stores on any device.

Apps for iPhone & Android

Build-up your customer database

Virtually anyone with a smartphone can order food online from your restaurant. Your customers can easily view, order and pay from the app.

We constantly update the app to allow for new additions to the menu or the alteration of prices. With Eatsapp, you have a continual updated customer base, to track customer progress and manage their orders.

Build-up your customer database

Order sent to In-store App

No matter the origin of your online order, it gets downloaded onto our Eatsapp store. This app can be downloaded on any iPhone or Android device and keeps you and your customer updated with orders.

Your customers can see in real-time their order status: food ready, food picked up by driver etc… All by selecting a few prompt options within Eatsapp store.

Order sent to In-store App

Top questions about Eatsapp Mobile Apps

How do I view online orders?

As soon as an order is processed online (Via web or Apps) - you will receive a push notification and order is downloaded onto another tablet placed inside your shop.

Are Apps updated regularly?

Yes. Quite often, AppStore and Apple require us to update our app publications to include latest security updates. We do that for you at no extra cost.

Is the app customised to my store?

Yes. If your business name is for example "Johnny Gio's", your App (found on App Store or Google Play) will be named "Johnny Gio's" with your logo, menu and contact details!