Features & Benefits

Build your brand, take control of your customers, send them free push notifications & more. Here's a list of the features that power your brand.



Eatsapp integration with your online ordering will build on your digital presence and brand, with great appeal to your customers.

Need a website?

No problem. We can customise one for your business, that will surely impress you and your customers. Typical website will include your menu, product pictures, contact us information and more importantly a link to order now! See sample.

Personalised Domain

Your customers do not get redirected to a third party website. They navigate only on your personalised domain website.


Your online store is embedded into your website, providing your customers with a quick and easy ordering experience.

Mobile Apps

Mobile compatibility

Your online store is compatible with Mobile devices, and given the fact that people are using their mobile devices for just about everything these days, we understand just how important it is for your store to look great when viewed from a mobile/tablet.

Language is no barrier

Make your customers feel at home, by communicating with them in their language, via the online ordering system.

Online Ordering

Branding Customisation

Your apps for iOS and android will have customised branding, enabling your customers to readily search and find you on Apple and Google App stores.


Online ordering is a breeze. Simplified menu view, ordering and pay screens, to create an extremely simple and hassle free ordering experience.

Location! Location!

For stores with several locations, customers can check via GPS which store is nearest to them.