About Eatsapp

Eatsapp is designed with your customers in mind by keeping the design and layout as simple as can make. Making it quick and easy for them to navigate through your menu, and place their order, adding customisations with a quick tap/edit option.

Make amendments to your menu and/or product images with simplicity and ease.

Special promotions or offers and discounts can easily be added or modified in the app and send unlimited push notifications to customers with deals. For example, orders over $30 receive free delivery.

With secure, encrypted online credit card payments to keep the transaction smooth and hassle free.

Set up several stores/branches via the app and be able to manage in one place.

The Eatsapp interface is user friendly with its simple menu tabs and corresponding images to help you navigate quickly through the app to get your order sooner.

Eatsapp has a header of tabs for example, ‘salads’, ‘beverages’ to help you complete your order.

Eats App gives you ‘real time’ information and at a glance, you can see what time to expect t your order and also whether your restaurant of choice offers delivery. Also in this quick view format, is the total of your order, as you go.

Modifications to orders are essential in the online ordering world. Eatsapp makes it easy make modifications to your selection by itemising the ingredient list and giving you the option of adding (+) or removing (-) toppings.

For any other special modifications, there is a special instructions sub heading down bottom with a space for you to leave a comment or request.

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